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Le Boulou, France

Updated: Jul 6, 2020


As usual I haven't been very good at placing news on this page... that's mainly because I've been too busy printing and stitching. In three weeks time (Friday 19th february) I have an exhibition opening at l'Espace des Art in Le Boulou, France. They asked me for 25 to 30 of my large pieces and for me that is A LOT - nearly everything I have, so I've been pushing myself hard to finish everything off on time. There will be quite a number of new pieces and I'm really looking forward to seeing everything hanging together in one place.

The show continues for five weeks, but I will be heading home and back to my studio to get on with my Ragments jackets which have been sidelined recently..... there is something else in the pipeline!

More about that next time.

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