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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

just received some exciting news regarding a collaborative project I've been working on with Monika Auch - our Wardrobe Of Lost Feelings

We've had our work selected and it will finally have its first showing, in December this year, at the Pulchri Grafiek Bienale in The Hague.

WOLF is a project which uses the principle of re-cycling, while taking a step away from it's usual functional end use. By combining normal human-scale clothing with oversized architectural prints it allows worn, loved and abandoned clothing to be re-evalued as the bearers of past emotions.

Every piece in the 'wardrobe' has its own story, such as the small communion dress printed with a giant architectural arch, with sweatmarks under the arms outlined in hand stitching, a poignant reminder of an important moment in someone's life.

overview small.jpg

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