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photo: Sue Westergaard

I use fabric as an expression of colourful identity.

My vibrant multilayered works are the result of an eclectic life spent living in countries such as Bangladesh, England, Indonesia, Nigeria and Somalia.


 Ragments’ start with discarded garments which I cut up and recompose by stitching, patching, printing, and sewing them back into wearable items. These pieces of clothing are unique and sustainable, and allow for the expression of identity through dress. The colours, shapes, patterns and stories only ever really come to life on their new owner! 


Over the years another line of work has evolved from my Ragments, following roughly the same principles and techniques: textile hangings. The hangings allow an immersive experience as you can really enter a quiet parallel world, passing through them and appreciating the different layers. Symbolic reference to the sense of wonder one might feel discovering new places and people.  


With my work I allude to the cultural diversity I have experienced throughout my life while at the same time expressing the common thread that unites us as humans. While local smells, colours, shapes and stories may differ, our human desires and feelings are so similar...


Since 2008 I have been a member of Galerie Zone, in Leiden, where my Ragments work is permanently for sale.
From time to time I exhibit my hangings and other work.
I also undertake commission work for private customers and for businesses.

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